Broker Services

In today’s tight credit market, every mortgage loan originator should have a relationship with a trusted private money lender. Only private money can provide your clients the flexibility and speed often required to finance investment properties of all types.

Our team members are not only seasoned mortgage professionals but are also experienced real estate investors.  We can assist you and your borrowers to obtain financing for their unique situation, be it a distressed property, lack of credit history, fewer than two years' self-employment, foreign national borrower,  properties held in revocable or irrevocable Trusts (we loan to the Trust!), or simply a need for a quick turn time.

And remember, we do Bridge Loans! While most private money loans are for business purposes, a Bridge Loan is unique. Watch our Bridge Loan video to learn how Dryden Capital Bridge Loan can enable your client to purchase their dream home before selling their current residence. 

For a quote, please call (415) 517-8370 or email a loan scenario to David.  If your borrower’s situation is within our loan parameters,  we will guide you through the process and close the loan, fast and easy.  And we are happy to cooperate with your brokerage. It’s just that simple.


Private Money Lending